Saturday, 11 April 2009

Things to make you go ahhh!

It's Easter, a time for lambs, daffodils and chicks. We have some chicks! At the moment, I think we have four, because I don't like to keep lifting Zoe, our black hen up, to have a look. We have three fluffy yellow ones, which may turn into white, brown or lavender coloured chickens, and one black chick, who will be black, like Zoe. We have three hens sitting on eggs, so it is an exciting time not knowing if there will be another little face popping out from underneath a hen each morning. However, we keep our fingers crossed that we don't get too many little cockerels to find homes for. They are noisy little fellas, and tend to poop more than their sisters too, which requires more cleaning!
I went to a Stampin Up! party today, which I really enjoyed. I'd been to one before, but it's nice to craft with other people for a change. Made a really sweet little card which I'll try and post this week when I post some of my other efforts. I'm busy making lots at the moment, so hopefully I'll get some on the blog! Had a major haircut this week too, and have gone a lot shorter than I've been for years. Most people are doing a double take when they see me, but a change has probably done the old barnet a lot of good. Some medication I've been on for a while hasn't helped and the haircut has given me a boost.
Have a good Easter folks, Judith x


lisa said...

Love the chicks Judith. Lucky you having your own hens.
The party sounds great, it's always nice to craft with other people isn't it.
Happy Easter


Anne said...

Ah, makes me wish we still had hens, lovely time of year, isn't it when the chicks arrive

Kim Piggott said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh so sweet!
You are so lucky to have these they are just adorable!
Great that you had a good time at the SU party!
So glad you like your hair! Definitely get a boost of morale when the hair looks good!
kim x

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