Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Life is a Rollercoaster

Just a quick post today, I'm afraid. Ryan is in hospital, he went in two days ago for tests with a suspected grumbling appendix. They are ruling that out, pretty much, but think he has some kind of infection, and need to test for what. Yesterday he was meant to have a scan, but someone forgot to book it! So he went without food from breakfast until teatime, because he needed an empty stomach, for no reason. He has to do the same thing all over again today. Tomorrow is Megan's birthday, and on Saturday, she goes to Uni. Understandably, this week is hectic in itself, without someone in hospital. We live 21 miles away from the hospital as well, so it's not a quick trip! Terry, my OH has a suspected broken foot, he had his x-ray yesterday, and has to wait 10 days for the results. He has to keep off his foot as much as possible. Hmmm!

We got back from Italy last Thursday evening, having had a lovely holiday, but a couple of the chicks were a bit poorly. Megan took one to the vets to get some medicine sorted out, because we have to treat the whole lot. The cat also brought a mouse in the house while we were away, and she phoned us in Italy for help!!! Fortunately, we were able to call the builder, who is still working on our extension (groan) and he came and got it out for her, after laughing at her for some considerable time!

So, no crafting done I'm afraid, we also went to the 'Thank you for the Music' concert in Hyde Park on Sunday, broadcast by Radio 2. There were 36,000 people there, and it was fantastic. Kylie, Jason Donovan, Elaine Paige, Jaimie Cullum, The Feeling, Marty Pellow, Bjorn and Benny, the Mamma Mia cast, etc. fireworks, awesome.

I probably won't post until next week, unless some miracle occurs, and everything just becomes less complicated overnight, (not really hopeful about that one). So please be patient with me, and I'll get back to crafting asap. Thanks guys, Judith x

Friday, 4 September 2009

Sugar Bowl challenge

I know that it's been ages since I last posted, but life has been so hectic. We've been on holiday to Center Parcs at Longleat, Wiltshire. Two days later, Terry and I went to see my Mum to celebrate her 70th birthday. I'd hardly had time to turn around, before we came home again. Now we are getting ready to go to Sorrento on Sunday, just the two of us, leaving the children at home. The extension is still being built, and Megan goes to Uni on 19th Sept, two days after her birthday. So life won't be slowing down for some time to come!

I needed to make a birthday card for my neice Rosie, who will be 11 on 10th Sept. I decided to enter the Sugar Bowl Challenge while I was at it, and so this is the card that I made. The sketch had to include buttons. Rosie is a bright bubbly little girl with a bit of the minx in her, so this Gorjuss Girl is perfect, as is the colour combo.

My little chicks are coming along nicely now. We still have eleven of them, ranging from a pale yellow, to chocolate brown, and finally black. They have wing feathers, little tufts for their tails, and fluffy heads still. Two adult Mums are looking after them until one gets fed up and goes back to hanging out with the grown ups, leaving the more solid carer to it. Zoe, the black hen is a brilliant Mum, and she has brought up about four or five lots now, including every single other chicken that we have. She was a surrogate Mum to some outside eggs a while back, as chickens will sit on anything really, even new potatoes if they think they are eggs!

These pictures aren't brilliant, but the chicks run around like little rockets, so trying to get a picture that is not blurry is almost impossible. It's too early to tell how many hens or cockerels we've got in the making, we'll have to wait a few more weeks, and then see. Aren't they cute? Well, I probably won't post now until I've been to Italy, I'm really looking forward to this trip, hopefully I'll feel a bit better, as I've been quite poorly for a few weeks. The warm weather will hopefully help anyway. Be back soon, Judith x
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