Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Life is a Rollercoaster

Just a quick post today, I'm afraid. Ryan is in hospital, he went in two days ago for tests with a suspected grumbling appendix. They are ruling that out, pretty much, but think he has some kind of infection, and need to test for what. Yesterday he was meant to have a scan, but someone forgot to book it! So he went without food from breakfast until teatime, because he needed an empty stomach, for no reason. He has to do the same thing all over again today. Tomorrow is Megan's birthday, and on Saturday, she goes to Uni. Understandably, this week is hectic in itself, without someone in hospital. We live 21 miles away from the hospital as well, so it's not a quick trip! Terry, my OH has a suspected broken foot, he had his x-ray yesterday, and has to wait 10 days for the results. He has to keep off his foot as much as possible. Hmmm!

We got back from Italy last Thursday evening, having had a lovely holiday, but a couple of the chicks were a bit poorly. Megan took one to the vets to get some medicine sorted out, because we have to treat the whole lot. The cat also brought a mouse in the house while we were away, and she phoned us in Italy for help!!! Fortunately, we were able to call the builder, who is still working on our extension (groan) and he came and got it out for her, after laughing at her for some considerable time!

So, no crafting done I'm afraid, we also went to the 'Thank you for the Music' concert in Hyde Park on Sunday, broadcast by Radio 2. There were 36,000 people there, and it was fantastic. Kylie, Jason Donovan, Elaine Paige, Jaimie Cullum, The Feeling, Marty Pellow, Bjorn and Benny, the Mamma Mia cast, etc. fireworks, awesome.

I probably won't post until next week, unless some miracle occurs, and everything just becomes less complicated overnight, (not really hopeful about that one). So please be patient with me, and I'll get back to crafting asap. Thanks guys, Judith x


Jo said...

You've done so well to manage a post on here with what you have going on, Judith. Hope things start to fall into place soon and look forward to catching up x

lisa said...

Ohh Judith, if it doesn't rain, it pours doesn't it. Poor Ryan, I hope he's feeling much better soon and they find out what the problem is. A 21 mile journey is no fun!!
You'll be feeling shattered after your lovely holiday.
Hope things improve for you all soon.


lisa said...

Sorry, me again. I forgot to say, that Radio 2 concert sounded fab you lucky thing. I've been listening to Chris E talking about it all week.


Lynne K said...

Gosh, what a time you've been having! I hope the invalids (human and animal) are soon better and you can get back to normal. And thanks very much for your comment on my blog. It was really kind of you to take the time to do it when you must be up to your ears trying to get everyone sorted out. x

Sally H said...

Hope everything sorts itself out for you soon, so you can get back to normal. In the meantime don't over do it, and I hope they all recover soon!

Kat said...

Goodness Judith you have been having a terrible time. It just seems to be one thing after another for you. Between your humans and your chicks - poor things. Hope Ryan and Terry are better soon. Happy birthday to Megan and lots of luck for starting Uni. Hope you are keeping well Judith after you had such a bad time earlier in the summer with migraines. Hope things settle down soon and you can get back to posting your lovely cards.

Kat xx

Anne said...

Oh good grief what a week Judith!

I hope things settle down soon and Ryan is home (and better!) before you get Megan off to Uni.

Please take care of yourself while things are so complicated.


craftimamma said...

Wow Judith, your problems put mine in the pale somewhat. We have our son and family living here because they have a blooming great hole in their lounge ceiling (caused by a burst pipe) and I've had what could have been a mild dose of the swine flu.

I hope ALL your poorly and injured loved ones are now on the mend and your life returns to normal asap.

Lots of love
Lesley Xx

JessicaLynn said...

HAPPY CARD MAKING DAY!! I hope that you are having a great one and feeling creative. We have blog candy at my blog too! Come on in and take a look!

Have a great day!
Jessica Lynn

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