Thursday, 28 May 2009

My Chooks and other stuff

No cards today I'm afraid, as I've been suffering from a migraine this week. I managed to walk into the corner of the chicken coop while suffering from the migraine and cut my forehead open, which prolonged the migraine even further. I am better now though.

Some of the chicks have been poorly, and one of them came to live in the house for a while. They've been on medication, and are all improving. The one who lived with us became known as Poppy, my favourite flower, and the name of the house, (coincidentally). She has gone back outside now, and I miss her dreadfully, as she used to snuggle up under my cardigan, or my hair and go to sleep! I'm so glad she wasn't rejected by her Mum, Zoe, though, as she's still very small, and would not have survived outside without a body to snuggle up to at night. I couldn't envisage rearing her indoors until she was big enough, because as she grew, so would the deposits on the cloakroom floor!!!

These photos show Poppy having a cuddle and then back with her Mum Zoe in the garden, which is such a heartening sight, even if I don't get to cuddle her any more.Here's another lovely picture of Poppy and a cute picture of a young cockerel that made me smile.

We have a baby Frizzle chick too, whose feathers will grow sticking up in all different directions. She is so cute, and she is so tiny that she keeps getting left behind all of the others. Her cheep is so loud that I can hear her in the house with all of the doors and windows shut!

To change the subject slightly, I just had to show you a picture of my cheery garden shoes. I was wearing them while I was taking photos of the chicks the other day, and they make smile. So, maybe they will make you smile too.

Yesterday, Megan and I went shopping to Cambridge. We don't often go shopping together these days, as she works a lot. If she is not at work, then I'm normally at work. So, we found a convenient time when we were both free, and off we went. I needed to buy a ball dress for a charity ball that we attend every year in the village where we live. It is held in aid of SADS, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, because the nephew of the couple we bought our house from, died from SADS. He was only 15, and died on holiday in America, in his sleep. His Mum works at the local Doctor's surgery, and organises the ball every year. It must have been devastating to have lost her son like that, but she now raises money to help other parents cope with what she had to go through.

The Ball is a lovely event, with a great atmosphere, for a worthy cause, with a local element. We live walking distance from the venue, and it is held in a huge barn on the edge of the village. It is a little surreal to see everyone dressed up in their finery picking their way through the farm to the ball! Anyway, I found a dress, and I'm now planning my jewellery, I've laid out the beads, and I'm going to have a go at making something this evening. Here's a picture of my OH and me from last year.

To continue on the jewellery theme, I have been approached by someone to sell my jewellery on their website. This is the next step for me really, as I have been selling my jewellery at a local beauty salon for a while, and doing parties. I have also done a couple of local Craft Fairs, but where do you go from there? So we're going to give it a go, and see what happens. It may be the encouragement I need to create my own website, or I'll go down the Etsy route, I just don't know yet.

Well this has been a long post today, I'll try to be shorter next time! Judith x


lisa said...

So glad you're feeling better Judith.
Your chicks are so cute and I'm pleased your poorly one has been reunited with it's Mum, as you say, they make more mess as they get bigger!!
Love those shoes, they'd be perfect for gardening in, so bright and cheerful.


Jo said...

You're clearly missing your adopted chookie daughter though it sounds as if you have plenty to take your mind off it. Good luck with the jewellery enterprise. I hope it really takes off for you.

Enfys said...

Glad you are feeling better Judith. I loved reading your post, those chicks are so cute, can't wait to see a photo of the punky one when her hair grows!
Have a lovely sunny weekend

Joanie said...

Your chicks are precious. We had 17 at one time and now we have none because we moved. They are an anxious lot and I learned a lot about life just watching them especially those Rooster dudes. They really protect their gals.

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