Friday, 20 November 2009

Christmas Cards

I've been a bit distracted this week; firstly, I came home from the Retreat on Monday, so I lost a day there. Then, the extension is keeping me busy, because the decorators are in, which has caused a bit of an upheaval. Lastly, Ryan had to go to hospital for an unpleasant procedure this week too. I'm not saying any more, I'll leave it to your imaginations. Poor boy had to be sedated, and was still so tired on Thursday, that he had a second day off school, because he was too sleepy to go. However, as today was 'Children in Need' day, he was dressing up as Batman, and energised himself into geting up and going in, which was good to see. Hopefully next week will be a bit calmer.
It's our wedding anniversary on Sunday, 23 years, and we're going out for a meal tomorrow night. We've been together 30 years, so we're not doing too badly. It's my birthday on 1st December, so we have lots happening at this end of the year. At least I don't have to make a card for that one! Terry has asked me to in the past, and said he'd buy it off me, what a cheek! He said at least I'd like the card I got!!!

I have finally started to make Christmas Cards, we made some at the card making class last night, and I'm posting one for you to see. It is using a Whiff of Joy stamp, and a monochrome scheme. I've embossed some off white pearlescent card, and then rubbed black soot Distress Ink over it to give a metal effect to the card, (an idea I picked up from this month's Craft Stamper magazine). I really like this effect and will use it again.
My Craft Room is painted now, and Terry very kindly put my desks together tonight. Hopefully tomorrow we can move my computer back downstairs, and I can start the long process of putting my craft stash back into my room where it belongs. I have felt so out of sorts these past few weeks, because it has been dotted all over the house. I will be so glad to have things back where they belong. That's all for now folks, back soon. Judith x


Sally H said...

What a pretty card, Judith! I don't know whether I would have coped with my craft stuff put away. If you lived closer I'd have invited you round for a craft session! hope it all gets back to normal soon and you are able to create to your heart's content

Lynne K said...

A lovely card, Judith. I do like the monochrome look, & the snowflakes set it off beautifully.

I can imagine how glad you'll be to get your room finished and everything in its place. Mine desperately needs a makeover, but the thought of all the upheaval is putting me off doing it!

lisa said...

Hi Judith. It sounds like you've been having a time of it, poor Ryan. I feel for him.
Still you've got some nice things to look forward to now with your Anniversary, that's some going and your birthday, many congratulations for the 1st.
Your card is beautiful. I love the monochrome look, it's really classy.
Enjoy your craft room, I'm sure you will, having been without it for so long.
Have a lovely weekend.


craftimamma said...

Glad to hear things are slowly getting back to normal with the house. I can just imagine how you must have been feeling as I hate things not being where they should be.

I do feel for your poor son. These undignified procedures are bad enough at any age but most especially in your teens. Hope he's fully recovered now.

I love the card you made and it reminded me that I bought that image at the beginning of the year and haven't used it yet. I really must get a crack on with my Christmas cards. I think I've only made about 4 so far, eek!

Lesley Xx

Marianne said...

Gorgeous. Love that effect. Marianne x

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