Thursday, 28 May 2009

My Chooks and other stuff

No cards today I'm afraid, as I've been suffering from a migraine this week. I managed to walk into the corner of the chicken coop while suffering from the migraine and cut my forehead open, which prolonged the migraine even further. I am better now though.

Some of the chicks have been poorly, and one of them came to live in the house for a while. They've been on medication, and are all improving. The one who lived with us became known as Poppy, my favourite flower, and the name of the house, (coincidentally). She has gone back outside now, and I miss her dreadfully, as she used to snuggle up under my cardigan, or my hair and go to sleep! I'm so glad she wasn't rejected by her Mum, Zoe, though, as she's still very small, and would not have survived outside without a body to snuggle up to at night. I couldn't envisage rearing her indoors until she was big enough, because as she grew, so would the deposits on the cloakroom floor!!!

These photos show Poppy having a cuddle and then back with her Mum Zoe in the garden, which is such a heartening sight, even if I don't get to cuddle her any more.Here's another lovely picture of Poppy and a cute picture of a young cockerel that made me smile.

We have a baby Frizzle chick too, whose feathers will grow sticking up in all different directions. She is so cute, and she is so tiny that she keeps getting left behind all of the others. Her cheep is so loud that I can hear her in the house with all of the doors and windows shut!

To change the subject slightly, I just had to show you a picture of my cheery garden shoes. I was wearing them while I was taking photos of the chicks the other day, and they make smile. So, maybe they will make you smile too.

Yesterday, Megan and I went shopping to Cambridge. We don't often go shopping together these days, as she works a lot. If she is not at work, then I'm normally at work. So, we found a convenient time when we were both free, and off we went. I needed to buy a ball dress for a charity ball that we attend every year in the village where we live. It is held in aid of SADS, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, because the nephew of the couple we bought our house from, died from SADS. He was only 15, and died on holiday in America, in his sleep. His Mum works at the local Doctor's surgery, and organises the ball every year. It must have been devastating to have lost her son like that, but she now raises money to help other parents cope with what she had to go through.

The Ball is a lovely event, with a great atmosphere, for a worthy cause, with a local element. We live walking distance from the venue, and it is held in a huge barn on the edge of the village. It is a little surreal to see everyone dressed up in their finery picking their way through the farm to the ball! Anyway, I found a dress, and I'm now planning my jewellery, I've laid out the beads, and I'm going to have a go at making something this evening. Here's a picture of my OH and me from last year.

To continue on the jewellery theme, I have been approached by someone to sell my jewellery on their website. This is the next step for me really, as I have been selling my jewellery at a local beauty salon for a while, and doing parties. I have also done a couple of local Craft Fairs, but where do you go from there? So we're going to give it a go, and see what happens. It may be the encouragement I need to create my own website, or I'll go down the Etsy route, I just don't know yet.

Well this has been a long post today, I'll try to be shorter next time! Judith x

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Feeling poorly, but feeling colourful

Well, I've got another chesty cold, my asthma is back again. Still, it's made me sit still long enough to finish a couple of cards! I've used the Graphicus Guild stamp plate for April, and the lovely flower. I've then used a fairy from another Elusive Images plate on one card, and a butterfly from another Elusive Images plate, (either Poppy or Daisy collage), on the other. The words are both from the WIGL plates, also Elusive images. I've used Inktense pencils, and Distress ink pads to colour around the edges of the images. The background papers are from the Butterfly bliss CD. The colours are so cheery, they made me feel a bit better, anyway, Judith x

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Brocade stamps

This is a super duper quick post, as I'm running about like a headless chicken today. Trying to fit everything in. Here's a couple of cards that I've made with Glimer Mists, lovely colours, turquoises and pinks, then layered Brocade stamps from Elusive Images over the top, using gold embossing powder. I've then stamped my flowers onto acetate and gold leafed them, and stamped them onto more Glimmer misted card, to layer up with foam pads for a gorgeous three dimensional effect. I wanted a sumptuous feel to these cards, and a tassel or ribbon would probably help this. Hope you like them. I've got more in the production line, and will post them when they are fnished, Judith x

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Back to Normal?

Well, we've now finished the Uni trips, thank goodness! Megan has decided to go to Staffordshire Uni, at Stoke-on-Trent. I preferred this Uni to the others for location, facilities, and general feel, so I'm happy with her choice. Hopefully life can settle down a little bit for a while now. Except, that I'm an exam invigilator, and guess what, it's my busy time of year! My diary is crammed full of work, work, work from now until the end of June, so I guess that means even less crafting.

My other half and his brother run an irrigation company, and this is also their busy time of year. We are meant to be having a good summer as far as the weather is concerned this year, so that means that they work long hours. It pays the bills, so we can't moan.

The chicks are all fine, too early to tell what we've got yet, hens or cockerels. They are sooo cute, taking their dust baths, and eating like mad. The cat is transfixed on the compound where they live, trying to work out how she can get in, without encountering the Giant Rabbit. The rabbit is considerably larger than the cat, and I think the cat believes that the rabbit is some kind of quiet dog, therefore to be avoided at all costs.

Tomorrow I have to start packing up my craft room. It's a rather daunting prospect, I may have mentioned this before. My room is very full of craft supplies, and I am reluctant to start. Terry has brought me some boxes home from work as encouragement, but I look at the sheer magnitude of the task, and don't know where to start! It could be some weeks before our extension is started, and so I won't have to empty my room completely straight away. However, I do need to have a good clear out, get rid of stuff that I have no intention of using, and throw all of those unusable scraps of paper away that I really can't use. I'm guilty of purchases over the years of items that looked good at the time, and then I've never used. They will have to go on Ebay, or into the local paper. I'm also a scrapbook paper hoarder, but I haven't got round to doing any scrapbooking. I normally cut the papers into four to make four square cards instead! I bought a scrapbook to make for Megan before she went to Uni last year, and never got it made, oh well, there's always this year!

I've made a few cards this week, a couple with the Gorjuss Girls stamps, and one with a Whiff of Joy stamp.

I've used a Sizzix die for the big scallop shape, and cut up, you've guessed it, some scrapbook papers, which I receive in a monthly kit, so I can't tell you where they came from. I've coloured my images with Distress inks on watercolour paper. The sentiments are from Craftwork Cards.

That's all for now, wish me luck with the packing! Judith x

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