Monday, 22 November 2010

Catching Up

It's been a while since my last post, and I'm sorry to be a bad Blogger. I've had a rotten cold, and still have to be honest. It's the time of year, and I'm sure a lot of you are suffering too. You have my sympathies.
Today is my 24th Wedding Anniversary, I don't know where all of those years have gone, I don't feel old enough! I was 13 when I met my other half, we were in the same class at school. He made me laugh, and he still does. He is my best friend, and sometimes it has felt as though it is the two of us against the world. He winds me up something chronic, but I wouldn't change him. He's been poorly lately, and it's made me take stock a bit and appreciate him a bit more I suppose. Anyway, we're having a day together, and going out for lunch, which will be a nice treat.
I've just got back from a weekend away with my lovely blog friend Lesley and we went to a Vintage Christmas Tags workshop at Graphicus run by the lovely Lynn. We had a fabulous time, making tags for Christmas in gorgeous creams, adding lace, glitter and a bit of gold and silver too. We met some of our other Graphicus Guild friends there too; Lou, Mel, Jill, and Jo. We had a great laugh, and it was a day full of friendship. Lynne K came too, who is a Guild newbie, and needs to start posting! I'm looking forward to the next workshops in December with Lynn and Glenda, just a couple of weeks away now, when I'll be reunited with the same bunch of lovely friends to make some more fantastic projects. It's a long drive for me, as it's the other end of the country, but I'm staying at my Mum and Dad's house next time around for a longer visit.
Here is a photo of three of the tags that I made at the workshop on Saturday, I started another one, but it's one that's going into the Graphicus Guild newsletter this month, so I'm not going to spoil the surprise. I have lots of tags and elements left over from the workshop to make loads more tags, so I can see myself making a lot of these this Christmas. The colour scheme is so elegant, and understated, it's really lovely.
Thanks for popping by today, keep warm, and take care, Judith xx


craftimamma said...

Hiya Buddy, What a lovely weekend it was and I loved having you here (especially as I managed to keep the dreaded cooking down to a minimum, Lol)! The workshop was brilliant and I'm really hoping I can make time to get some more of those gorgeous tags done for my special little 'display' Christmas tree. Smashing people we shared the class with too with lots of feel good laughter.

Have a lovely lunch and lazy day with Terry. Happy Anniversary to you both.

Lesley Xx

themessycraftroom said...

Hi Judith, Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope your both soon feeling better. Glad to here you had a lovely time with Lesley. Your tags look fantastic. Have a good day. Hugs x CHrisB

mustavcoffee said...

Hi there, gorgeous tags, Oh yes!
beautiful subtle colour schemes. Hope that you and your hubby feel much better soon:0) xx

crafty flossie said...

Hi Judith and Hubby. Happy Anniversary. Hope you are feeling a little better. The tags look fab. I like the colours you've used very much. They deserve to be pride of place over the holidays. It sounds like you had a fab time on the workshop, wish I'd been there.
Take care and enjoy your day.

veronica said...

happy anniversary Judith & Terry!
Tags are lovely, my favourite is the blue one - have just bought the music folder too. Very envious of you all, glad you had a great time, and hope to get up north next year for a workshop

Aquarius said...

Congratulations and have a good anniversary day. Look forward to seeing you back in blogland in due course but sometimes other things just get in the way don't they.

Jill said...

It was lovely to see you again on Saturday. Hope your colds a bit better and happy anniversary!

I really loved the workshop and am chuffed with the tags I made. Finally got the hang of this blending lark!



gillian_hopkins said...

Lovely, lovely tags Judith. I so wish I was closer to Graphicus. Lynn does such wonderful workshops and you all return with very inspiring bits. Congrats on 24 years.

l.tuck said...

I`ve been itching to see what beautiful creations came out of this workshop. They are all gorgeous. Happy anniversary and enjoy your day.

ikki said...

I read this post and could wish, wish, wish I was there with you! Great crafting. ikki x

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