Sunday, 7 February 2016

Finishing off some WIPs

Hello everyone, I hope that you are enjoying some good weather today. We have had some really cold, windy days lately, and to be honest, I have just wanted to stay wrapped up in the warm. It has been a good excuse to get on with some of my unfinished crochet projects while I am still recuperating, and I thought that I would show you how I have been getting on.

My first project is a lacy shawl, crocheted in a bamboo cotton yarn. It is a great go with anything colour, and quite versatile for adding to my favourite black and plum outfits, as well as more neutral tones. I started this shawl ages ago, and it was the perfect pattern to crochet after my operation; simple without too much thought, as there are only two rows of pattern. I am pleased to have it finished now, as it was threatening to sit unfinished indefinitely in favour of more colourful interesting projects.
My second project was started last year, and before I began this project, I could not crochet much more than a granny square! I decided to tackle this project as a way of improving my crochet skills, and I certainly managed to do that. The project was designed by Jane Crowfoot, and the link to the project can be found here. She is a fabulous designer, and has created several other vibrant designs that you can access by following various links from her blog. Her Lily Pond design caught my eye, and I undertook the design, along with my dear friend Elaine, who is a more experienced crocheter than myself. It was great to have a crocheting buddy, even though we live hundreds of miles apart, we were able to talk about our experiences with the project as we went along. I was much slower in completing the project, and have only just finished mine, in fact. I had a few hinderances along the way....
I chose to change the colour of the edging from pink to green, as I love the green and mint combination. Here it is in its full glory:
I have already started my next project, another blanket, so I will keep you updated with my progress. Thanks for stopping by, xx


veronica said...

love your blamket Judith, am very impressed!

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Judith, I hope your recovery is still going well and that you will soon be in tip top condition once agin.
Your crocheting is wonderful, a beautiful shawl and your blanket is amazing, the colours and the lily design is gorgeous, I love it. I can see why your pet loved lying on it, take care, Kate x

Paula (PEP) said...

Terrific to see these two projects, I can imagine the shawl looks striking with your blacks & plums. The blanket is a beauty & I love the mint & green edging you decided upon. Your blanket obviously got a seal of approval even before it was finished. I can see that Jane's blanket is a super way of learning different stitches & gaining confidence.
Paula (PEP)

craftimamma said...

Hi Buddy, Glad you've been enjoying catching up with your crochet projects. Your water lily blanket is beautiful and well done you for taking on the challenge. You're tempting me to restart crochet!

Lesley Xx

Elaine said...

Well done for using your enforced down time so productively! It's fantastic to see your Lily Pond finished. It was a challenging journey we decided to take together wasn't it, but so worth it to stretch our crochet skills. I don't know about you but the thing that amazes me most about this blanket is how heavy it is! Your shawl is lovely too. I have never tried such open work and you have achieved a lovely even finish. Great work my crochet buddy, looking forward to more shared hooking adventures in the future. Elaine xxx

Carole C. said...

Hello Judith.
Wow, your lily pond blanket is gorgeous. I crotched years ago but I'm sure I wouldn't have tackled something like this.
I'm sure having a crotchet buddy helped a lot with this.
Obviously got the seal of approval from your furry friend.
Love your cards too.
Hope your recovery is going well
Best wishes

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