Monday, 21 May 2018

Sketchbook Revival Part Two

Hello everyone, I have been working on a couple of sketchbook related projects again. The first was a project following a tutorial given by Tamara Laporte on the recent Sketchbook Revival course. Tamara created a timelapse video for us to follow, and this picture is what I came up with using her video. She instructed us to stick to a minimum of supplies; three colours of water based markers, I had some old Marvy LePlume markers that I dug out of my stash, a watercolour skin tone crayon, and a white and black marker. We also used a water brush for blending, plus a pencil for the basic drawing. Lots of the artists seem to prefer mechanical pencils, as there is no need to sharpen your pencil, I found using one much easier, and will continue to use one for my sketching from now on.

I learned several things from my experience with this drawing; I used an A3 sketchpad containing Windsor and Newton heavyweight Cartridge paper, which I normally manage to add a fair amount of water to. It did not work very well for this project, and in future, I will go back to hot pressed watercolour paper, which is my usual go to surface for something like this. My Marvy pens have probably seen better days, I can't remember how many years I have had them, but a long time, for sure. I needed something with a bit more juice to really achieve what I wanted, but they worked okay for a first attempt at the project. I was too impatient, and did not let the black Posca pen dry properly, and smudged it on my little bird. I needed to slow down and take my time a bit! Other than that, I enjoyed the process, and will definitely try out the techniques again.

The sentiment that I have added to the image sums up my thoughts whilst creating the piece, 'embrace imperfection'. I am not going to be too precious, but to learn and grow from these experiments, hopefully enjoying the process at the same time!

I have made another sketchbook, this time covered in fabric. I was gifted this fabric ages ago by Glenda Waterworth, with the instruction that I must use it. I have pondered over how to use these beautiful pieces of fabric for ages, and decided that I should start to appreciate them, rather than leave them stored away. Having cut into one piece now, hopefully I will be inclined to incorporate more of them into things that I make.

This book really makes me think of Summer days with the bright floral design.

I hope to share more of my sketchbook exploits with you soon, thanks for stopping by, xxx


cuilliesocks said...

Hello Judith what beautiful projects, the portrait is amazing, gorgeous colours and images.
Pretty journal cover, wonderful colours and design, Kate x

scrAPpamondo said...

This girl is a delight, such fabulous drawing and colouring!Love also your Sketchbook , wow, it's so beautiful!!

Evelyn Browning said...

Your placing of the fabric motifs has made a very pretty sketchbook indeed. I'm fascinated by all the detail in your project & amazed at how effective those little drawn motifs which appear in unexpected places are. Such projects really are a learning curve aren't they, thank you for demonstrating how important it is to 'embrace imperfection' - it might well be perfection through another's eyes.

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