Monday, 28 April 2008

Hello! Well this is my first post. My name is Judith Smith, I'm 44 years old and a passionate crafter. I enjoy card making primarily, but like scrapbooking and any crafts that relate to either disciplines. My real love is rubber stamping. I have a dedicated craft room that looks like a hurricane has been through it most days. I also study Italian, and go to Italy whenever I can on holiday. My hubby and I would love a holiday cottage out there when we're older and the kids have flown the nest. I enjoy reading, anything and everything, normally in the car when I'm waiting to pick my son up from school!

I'm married to Terry, who I've been with since we were 15 in the same class at school together. We have two children, Megan who is 18 and Ryan who is 16. Megan is due to go to Teesside University in September, which is about 5 hours' drive from us. This is rather scary, but my parents live near the Uni, so she will have some family nearby. Both of the kids are sitting big exams this year, so our house will be tense I'm sure. Roll on July, when it's all over. I'm an exam invigilator at their school, so I'll actually get to see them suffering during the exams!

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