Monday, 9 February 2009

Well life has taken over somewhat, and I've just not been able to keep up with my blog. Hopefully, I can change that now. Megan, my oldest, should have gone to Uni in September, but had to defer due to repeated tonsilitis. She had her tonsils out in December, thank goodness. Ryan, my youngest, is now in the sixth form, and learning to drive.

I have started to make and sell my own jewellery. Before Christmas, this was extremely successful for me, and I couldn't make the jewellery fast enough. I did a few parties for friends, and I sell some jewellery in a local beauty salon too. This year, I would like to continue doing the parties, and some craft fairs, and see how the business grows.

I am continuing to make and sell handmade cards, and I work part-time at Mildenhall College of Technology as an invigilator, and helping in the Language Department. I went to the College myself as a student,and some of the teachers are still there!

We have seven chickens at the moment; pekins do not live long lives unfortunately. I get attached to them, as they have their own little quirks. With the lighter nights starting, some of the chicks that hatched in August have just started laying. Our chickens are not commercially viable by any stretch of the imagination, but their eggs, when we do get them, are lovely!

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