Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I'm off again!

Megan and I are going to Stoke on Trent today. She has a Uni taster session for two days on Thursday and Friday. We are driving up tonight so that she can register early enough tomorrow morning, and we are staying in a Travel Lodge. I have a lousy headache today, so it will be a toss up to see who will be driving I think. I've had this headache since yesterday, and it just won't go away. I suffer from hormone related migraines, and am on medication which barely controls them most months. Occasionally one breaks through, and I have 'emergency' tablets to take. My migraines are truly frightening, and floor me completely. Any noise, smell, light, makes me physically sick, even someone talking to me. We live in a house with oak floors and latches on the doors, (not quiet) and I have two teenagers. I spend alot of time being sick with my migraines. I am normally wiped out for two or three days and take a week to recover from a migraine. Hopefully this will not develop into a migraine.

It's my Dad's birthday on Friday, so we are driving to see him from Stoke and I have made him a birthday card using a digital image. It is from an artist called Mo Manning who is a children's book illustrator. She has a blog called Mo's Digital Pencil She has some brillant images for sale on Etsy of which this is one called 'it's all in the accessories' but also has a freebie on her blog called 'Sinatra' a cat with attitude which is on the other card I have made. I have printed the images on 200 gsm watercolour paper through my printer which doesn't jam, hurray! Then I have used Coloursoft pencils and Sansodor with paper stumps. I love the effect that this gives. I don't know the name of the papers that I have used as they came in a card making kit with the names cut off. Hope you like them anyway, Judith x


Kat said...

Hi Judith these cards are both lovely. I love the images! They are very cute. I must have a look at this site, I have heard of it but time is so short just now. I hope to make 2 cards before bedtime! Working full time is awful cos I spend a lot of time doing nothing. Also have to fetch Mhairi's car from park and ride as she took bus to station to take train to help Catriona with house move. I have to work so hubby needs her car to go down on Friday for move and I can go on Saturday after work. Would have been no problem if my colleague hadn't been on holiday. Hope your headache doesn't develop into a migraine and you have a safe journey to Stoke and then to see your Dad. Gosh that was a bit of a waffle wasn't it?

Kat x

Anne said...

Oh, Judith, these are fab! Love that dog. Your Sinatra is gorgeous too.

Best of luck avoiding the migraine, I too suffer hormone related migraines, but not so frequently as yours come along. I went years without them until a couple of years back and I hope I'll outgrow them soon...

Swaps: Would you like to email my (email is on my profile), best left till I'm back from hols probably.

Have a safe journey, good luck for Megan with the uni stuff and hope your Dad has a very Happy Birthday.

Now step away from the computer, it probably isn't helping the migraine ;)


All Pink girl said...

Beautiful cards gorjuss colours ,love them ,
hugs Dawnxxx

craftimamma said...

These are lovely cards Judith and the images are smashing. Bet your Dad will love his.

Although you probably won't read this till you get back, my sympathies over the migraine. I have suffered with them since I was 15 and they used to be hormone related. At 60 that's not the case now but I had one last Sunday that lasted two days and kept me awake all through the night.

I hope your's didn't develop this time and doesn't stop you from our cake and retail therapy day tomorrow.

Lesley Xx

Emma said...

Hi Judith
Many thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. So sorry to hear of your headaches, hope you feel better very soon.
All your cards are gorgeous, I love these two with Mo's drawings.
Emma x

Leanne said...

Wow these cards are absolutely gorgeous!


lisa said...

These are both lovely cards Judith. I hope you have a good trip and avoid that migraine. Sounds horrendous. I suffered with cluster headaches a few years back and they were awful but only lasted a month or so, so I sympathise totally with how terrible it must be to have migraines all the time.
Take care.


Rach said...

awesome cards sweetie. beautifully coloured. hope that your head doesn't turn into a migraine..

thank you for joining in with my blog candy. good luck. hugs rachxx

veronica said...

Loved your cards Judith - thanks especially for the link to Mo's blog, i now have that gorgeous kitten safely downloaded!
Hope the migraine didn't last, and the trip went well

Debbie said...

Hi Judith

Fab cards, I love the images, they're very cute. Thanks for the comments on my blog today. I'll let you know next time I go to Capture The Magic, and if you're available perhaps we could meet up like you said.

Sorry to hear you suffer from migraine so much, I used to as a teenager, but don't get them much now, however I do get bad headaches that last for days sometimes. I know how miserable they can make you feel. Hope you feel better soon.

Take care.

Hugs Debbie xx

crafty flossie said...

Hi Judith, I followed the link to Mo's Digi Pencil and the images are amazing. Had to download a few. Love colouring the characters. I'll post the pics on my blog. I hope the Uni tour is going well. It's a nerve racking time as a parent. My dd is off to Manchester Met (if she gets the grades, finger tightly crossed) in Sept. It seems like such a long time since we were last talking about it.
I was interested to read that when you have a migraine all sorts of things trigger your sickness. My hubby has suffered since he was 7yrs old and he doesn't suffer from being sick. My son started when he was 14yrs. He's violently sick. When he is sick he complains about smells and noise. He needs to lay in a dark room. He need to leave his history GCSE exam. I was wondering if you'll be travelling north for the Craftwork cards event in September. Take care Debbie M

Kat said...

Me again Judith, I just wanted to tell you that I've left something for you on my blog. Hope you're back posting some of your lovely cards soon.

Kat x

Anne said...

Hi Judith

What no posts for so long? Hope you're ok, thanks for your message on my blog, look forward to seeing some more of your lovely creations soon

Take care

Bev said...

Two adorable cards Judith, such sweet images and so beautifully coloured too x

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