Friday, 5 February 2010

Time for a facelift

My poor little blog has been sorely neglected lately. I have been working quite a bit and then this week, I've has a terrible migraine. I suffer quite badly from migraines, but can normally control them with medication. Sadly not this time. However, I'm getting over it now, and hopefully I'll have a couple of cards to post over the weekend.
I thought I'd give my blog a little facelift, the website that I got this free background from has some lovely backgrounds, you just request the code, the blog owner emails it to you, and hey presto, you have a new background. You can request two, so I have another one saved for later, and I may switch between the two of them, depending on how I'm feeling at the time.
I hope you're all fine, and keeping busy, bye for now, Judith x


Aquarius said...

Love your new look blog - I play safe and stick with my boring one!! Hope you are feeling OK now

craftimamma said...

This is really pretty Judith. I'm like Val and keep 'playing safe'. It took me ages to pluck up courage to get the first layout and now I daren't change it even though I'm getting bored with it.

Hope you're feeling even better today.

Lesley Xx

lisa said...

Hi Judith
Sorry to hear you've been feeling so under the weather. I don't suffer with migraines so can't imagine how awful it must be but I do have Cluster headaches, which are very warying as they can go on, on and off for weeks and the relief when they finally go is wonderful so I do sympathise.
I love your new blog layout. I found this site some time ago but just couldn't choose a favourite, they were all so lovely.
Hope you are having a good weekend.


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