Saturday, 9 November 2013

My work space

Hi Folks, we were asked recently by Hilde our blog leader over at Crafting with Dragonflies to do a reveal of our craft spaces. This idea filled me with horror, as I am a messy crafter. I decided that I did need to tidy my craft room up at least a bit before I could photograph it in all of its glory to let anyone see it. It has taken two trips away from my Husband to achieve this, but it is now very tidy. I am including a before picture as well, just so you can see how untidy I usually am!

I am ashamed to show this picture, but in my defence, I always know where everything is! My craft room is in what should be the dining room of our house, but it is quite small, and we have had a lovely extension built to house our dining table now.

My nice tidy desk, which houses my PC and the Big Shot Pro. There are pieces of my artwork on the wall, and the collection keeps growing.

Lots of baskets and useful storage to keep things organised. This side of the room contains boxes housing my jewellery supplies, acrylic paints, dies, embossing folders, and all sorts of other useful materials for the different crafts that I enjoy. I also have various sets of pens and pencils including Copics, Polychromos and several sets of Derwent pencils, a well known British make of pencils for those of you who are reading this outside the UK.

My precious unmounted stamp collection is housed in those Really Useful boxes, and I have more stored elsewhere. I love to collect books on the various crafts that I enjoy, cardmaking, mixed media, jewellery making, etc.
The filing cabinets, including the little red one on the left house my wood mounted stamps, more unmounted stamps and card. I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my craft room. I quite often end up working on the dining table because my desk is so untidy, plus the lighting is better there:

As you can see, I can mess the table up quite quickly as well! Thanks for stopping by, xx


craftimamma said...

Wow buddy, that is nice and tidy. I've seen how much stash you have in there so it's amazing that it doesn't look worse in the before pic, lol! I've also seen how big your dining table is so that's also a lot of stash you've transfered ...... naughty girl ;D!

Lesley Xx

Susan Hogan said...

I LOVE the fact that you have a tided desk and space and yet you still craft on the bigger table in the dining room! I have just taken my hubby on a virtual tour of your space and kept saying see, she has this too, see she used that too.....he just laughed. Whatever would we have done without plastic containers!

Ina said...

Loved looking at the before and after shots of your craft heaven. Looks nice when it is tidy but then you can't craft that way. I especially like the array of craftiness (mess in other words) that you have on your dining room table. So hope that you weren't in a hurry to eat. Ina

sally said...

Rest assured that we can all fill whatever amount of space available to us, no matter if it's large or small!
I have a 10ft wide patio window in one wall: give me great light but I often wish it was a regular window so that I could have stuff below it :-)...I saw more space & more stuff 'cos we never have enough!


JoZart said...

You have a really good space to craft and plenty of good storage too and, go on, admit it, don't you prefer to work in a creative mess? When it's too tidy I just want to get in there and mess it up!
I always say, that people who don't make a mess, don't make anything!
I can always judge a person by their reaction to my craft room. The crafters all love it but non crafters usually wince!
jo x

Paula (PEP) said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your tour - enlarged the stack of pencil boxes & was trying to work out what the red tin contains……..
Looks like a super set up - the tidying elf picks up anything I leave around the house & swiftly returns it to my room…… doesn't look like you have one of those!
Paula (PEP)

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Judith, I enjoyed taking a tour of your crafting space :) I'll have post photos of mine sometime. I'm messy when I'm working and then I like to clean it all up again before the next mess. I think all of our craft rooms are the same in that we all have lots of shelves with boxes and drawers to store our stash. Your room looks very organized. I would love to take a peak at your stamp collection, I'm sure it's amazing :) Your dining room is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I I hope you are having a great Sunday, Shirleyxx

Miranda said...

Hi teamie, lovely to have a look in your craft room and it looks great with all the boxes and storage places!Love your dining.... I want to move my crafting place which is in the living room to the attic but can't find the time to do it, so my living room is sometimes a big mess!
warm greet Mirandaxx

Wynn Walton said...

I loved the quick tour of your crafting heaven, I wish I had as much stuff but then I'd make twice the mess I do now lol. Wait til you see mine it's nowhere near as exciting as yours. All those boxes just waiting to be opened and drooled over as I'm sure the contents are amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Hugs Wynn x

Elaine said...

Always interesting to see into other people's crafty space and even nicer that I have been in your crafty space and crafted with you on your dining table so recently. I always covet your indoor crafty space, so near to the rest of the family activities. Elaine x

~ Barb said...

I think it is very cool that you can hang your own art work in your craft room! What a beautiful dining room you have, I would be out there too. I envy all your storage containers, thank-you for the tour!
{Hugs} Barb

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