Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cake talk

No pictures to post today,  it's Ryan's birthday, and so we've tried to spend time with him to make his day feel special. I made his birthday cake, which was delicious, but way too calorific. Unfortunately we think it has upset Ryan's stomach, as he feels quite poorly this evening.
Talking of cakes, I'd like to tell you about my neice's blog she's just left Uni this year having completed four years studying, and can't get a job. She's either too qualified, or not qualified enough. Rather than sit about moping, she is doing research, and teaching herself to make fabulous cakes. She has a growing following on Twitter and is just starting on Blogger. She's a lovely sunny young woman, and I hope that her fledgling enterprise takes off. She deserves a break.
I'm sorting through my stamps today and tomorrow to add to the blog candy, I'll be adding right up to the wire, and may have to do another one when I put everything back again as I have another sort through! I'm only putting brand new stamps in this time, maybe I'll get a mixed box of 'used once, then abandoned' stamps for another time. Back later, Judith x


lisa said...

Hi Judith. A very Happy Birthday to Ryan. I hope he's not feeling too poorly after his cake.
I've had a nosey at the cakey blog, being a cake decorator myself I couldn't resist. What faboulous cup cakes, very much the in thing at the minute. I've been meaning to have a go at them for ages but that time thing keeps getting in the way!!
By the way your new extension looks fabulous!!


Sally H said...

I'm off to look at the cupcakes now! Hope they don't make me too hungry!

Sweet 'N' Crafty Gal said...

Wow wow wow! what a lovely blog she has, made me put on about 100 stone just looking, very talented! xxxx

Tori Jane said...

I'm so sorry for the late look!! I've been a bit busy so I've not managed to have a peek in a while, but I promise I've had my fill tonight and I especially want to thank you for this post. It's really sweet of you to share my link and I'm really greatful!!
P.S. I loved the retreat images, and little meggy looking pretty in her frame.
Lots of Love Tor (Vixs) xxx

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