Monday, 26 October 2009

Emptying my Craft Room

I feel like a displaced person right now, having spent the weekend emptying my craft room. My desks are gone, and my computer is now sharing a desk with the family computer upstairs in the spare room. Ryan and I are jostling for the chair! My craft stuff is nearly all boxed up, apart from all of those bits that don't seem to have a home, where do they go? I'm going to make Ryan's birthday card this afternoon while he is out, yes I know, very last minute, it's his birthday tomorrow. However, it is a fairly simple card, because Michelle pinched all of the rubber stamps that I was going to use, and used them on a word book for him. Although they aren't going out any more, she had planned this word book a while ago, and decided to make it anyway. So I'm going to use the Rock Star DCWV stack and some plectrum bubble stickers to make Ryan's card, which is much easier anyway! Terry's birthday is on Saturday, yes, I married a werewolf, (October 31st, get it?) So I'll try to be a little more creative for him. I also have to make Ryan's cake today, he has requested a home made Black Forest Gateau, his favourite with lashings of double cream, and cherry pie filling oozing out of the middle. Ooops there goes all that hard work on the diet front.
I have updated the blog candy once, and I'm going to work through some of my stamps today, to add a little bit more. I will close the draw at approx 8.00 p.m. Wednesday evening, so there is still plenty of time to enter the blog candy. I am not adding just any old stuff, because I want it to be a pleasure to open the box for the winner, something that I would like to receive, so I hope that whoever wins feels that way too. Off to rummage a bit more. Here's a few pictures of the extension, which is what the upheaval is all about, bye for now! Judith x


Anne said...

Good grief sounds like a lot of moving around, is this because you have more space with DD at Uni? Good luck with sorting everything out, it's hard work going through a stash I reckon. I've not bought a stamp all month after finding a set that I'd forgotten I'd bought - only last month. Oops!

Cake sounds yummy, I'm sure Ryan will love it:)

lisa said...

A Crafter without her stash, what a nightmare!! I hope you cope. Still sometimes you find things you'd forgotten all about.
Ryan's cake sounds totally yummy, it sounds like he's going to have a fantastic day.


judith@poppy cottage said...

We had the extension planned before Megan left for Uni, it's just taken forever to get this far! It's going to be a dining room, come sitting area, looking out into the garden, and a small patio area. It has a vaulted ceiling, and will be painted cream, with oak floors and oak beams. Judith x

Sally H said...

I hope you are able to craft again soon! I know I get withdrawal symptoms if I am without stash for a few days! It looks gorgeous though, and I am sure it will give you hours of pleasure once it is finished!

Sweet 'N' Crafty Gal said...

I bet you've felt lost whilst having a sort! ooo that cake sounds yummy! hope he had a lovely day! xxx

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