Thursday, 29 October 2009

Ryan's Birthday Blog Candy


Well here is the blog candy as promised, sorry I didn't get it posted yesterday as promised, but we got back from the hospital later than I thought we would. The consultant thinks that Ryan probably has got IBS, but wants to do another ultrasound scan, and that it can be managed by diet, so he needs to see the dietician like Terry did. I'm going with him, taking my notebook, and I will be asking lots of questions. We eat terribly since Terry was diagnosed as he is on a low fibre diet, little veg, no fruit, he's lactose and wheat intolerant, he can't eat tomatoes, onions, mushrooms etc. So, no pasta sauces, and I just can't be bothered just for myself, and I've lost quite a lot of weight. Maybe a good thing, but I tend to see food as a real headache these days, because I don't know what to feed Terry or Ryan, who is a fussy vegetarian. The poor dietician won't know what's hit her when I go in there!

Anyway, back to the blog candy!!! It has come about for several reasons really, Ryan, my baby, is 18 on 27th October, (OMG). I don't feel old enough, where has the time gone? I also bought some Whiff of Joy Christmas stamps recently, and somehow bought two of one of the stamps, how did I do that? Lastly, I am emptying my craft room so that a window can be moved from one wall and put into another, which is a very messy job. It is a good opportunity to sort out any unwanted craft items which may be added to the blog candy as I go along.

Initially I am giving away the cute little WOJ stamp, and a huge 12 x 12 DCWV Christmas stack. I will be adding lots of other goodies to this as I empty my craft room over the next three to four days and will amend this post as I go along, so please check back and look at the bottom. I do not know how to use Mr. Linky, or anything fancy, so I am going to ask Ryan to pull numbers out of a bag to choose the winner, and because of the weight of this candy, I will only post to UK bloggers I'm afraid. I will close the candy on October 28th, the day after Ryan's birthday. Please mention my candy on your blog if you have one, and leave me a comment, or you won't get put in the draw! There will be lots more items added, as I'm going to be ruthless in my clearing out, I promise, so I think you'll like what you get. Judith x
****Additions to Candy!!!***
2 Sheets of Unmounted stamps (I don't know where they came from) Christmas themed
Hero Arts Fancy Flowers Boxed set of stamps New and still in plastic
Fancy Pants Big Board Paisley Pieces
Frill yellow alphabet brads
Christmas Tree brads
Sue Dreamer Seasons Page Bubbles
Heidi Swapp Rectangle Frames bling
Papermania Christmas Foam ribbon stickers
PSX creativity Christmas Stickers
Charlotte Lewis Festive Glitter Chipboard Shapes
Dovecraft Christms Traditional 8 x 8 Paper Pack
Dovecraft Fantasy 8 x 8 Paper pack
Dovecraft Fantasy Chipboard Shapes Tin
Dovecraft Fantasy Brads
Dovecraft Kato Knight Ribbon Stickers
Dovecraft Kato Knight Chipboards Tin
Dovecraft Kato Knight Brads

I can't take a photograph at the moment, because my camera battery is charging, but I don't know if I could fit it all in!



Kat said...

Hi Judith this is lovely candy so far. What a coincidence about Ryan's birthday - my elder daughter's second baby is due on the 27th and my son's birthday is the 28th. I'm off to link you on my blog.

Kat xx

craftimamma said...

Thanks for giving us all the chance to win your celebratory candy Judith.

I actually put it in my sidebar with a link as soon as you posted it this morning but I had to concentrate so hard to get it right that I completely forgot to leave a comment here, Doh !!!!

No wonder you find meal times a nightmare. I find it bad enough having to be careful because I have a hiatus hernia so I think I'd give up eating altogether if I had several people in the family with the problems your menfolk have.

Lesley Xx

veronica said...

Happy birthday to Ryan, and I hope he gets sorted out soon - don't envy you the diet problems though, sounds as if it is going to be very tough for the poor lad as a veggie!
Hopefully will be able to put a link, as failed last time i tried.........

Jane said...

Hi... lovely blog...

Happy Birthday to your son Ryan... I do hope he has a happy day.. and thank you for letting me have a chance to win your candy!

Don't forget to eat or how are you going to keep your strength up!

I have put a link on my site to yours.

Take care xx

Sally H said...

Congratulations to Ryan. It goes so fast, doesn't it? Hope you get their diets sorted, but don't neglect your own in the process! Let's hope the dietician has some bright ideas! My brother is lactose, nut and yeast intolerant, so I can sympathise. I have linked to you blog candy in my side bar.

lisa said...

Hi Judith. What lovely candy and a lovely idea to do it on such a special day. I can't imagine mine getting to be 18, but I'm sure it'll come far too quickly!!!!
I've put a link on my sidebar.
Your mealtimes sound a nightmare. No wonder it takes all the fun out of preparing food. I hope the dietician can help.
Take care


fusiafscrapping said...

Happy Birthday to your son Ryan.
You have got wonderful blog. I like it very much.

Wonderful candy.
Thanks for the chance to win!!!


rosa said...

It would be great to receive such a gift! Thank you for this opportunity.
My link

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Ryan for next week, my "baby" is 18 in December - ack how did that happen?
Candy in sidebar, hugs

Kimmi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JanJ said...

Wow this is a lovely candy & thanks so much for the chance to win. Happy Birthday to Ryan too.

I've put a link to your candy on my sidebar.


Jan x

Kimmi said...

Oops for last post I'l edit this one now - I'm such a ditz!

Evening Judith.
Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my recent card :D

WOW - 18 years old! I can (nearly) remember by 18th, was a while back now lol... I miss read your post and confused the numbers - sorry hehe

Hope the Dietician isnt too hard on Ryan, after having Bowel Cancer myself, I have to watch what I eat so I can sympathise completely!

Hope he has a wonderful day!!

Thank you so much for offering such a scrummy candy! I love the new WoJ, not got any Henry's yet!

I'm off to link you in my side bar!


Kimmi xx

Lisa said...

Hi Judith, Gorgeous candy! Thanks for the chance to win. I will post a link in my sidebar.

Lisa x

Sweet 'N' Crafty Gal said...

Hiya Hun,

Wow look at the candy list (now it maybe a good thing you loosing weight but i's thinks i've just put on pounds reading thru the list lol :-) )

Please Wish Happy Birthday to Ryan for me! I myslef have to watch what i eat, being allergic to eggs isn't much help and i too suffer with the odd occasion of IBS (thankfully it's not too serous tho)

anyways ill stop rambling! i've added you to my candy jar on my sidebar

Happy Crafting hun!
Carlyann xXx

Lilacanglia said...

Congratulations to Ryan,
Thank you for the chance to find a fabulous blog to follow,
I have put a link in my side bar,

Aunty Sue said...

oh to be 18 again can i remember that far back. happy birthday ryan off to spread the word.

Moni said...

Happy birthday to your boy! And candy is awesome, would love to win it! I linked you on my blog! Hugs,Moni

Kimmi said...

OOoo its after Midnight - Happy Birthday Ryan :D Hope he has a lovely day!

Kimmi xx

gina g said...

Happy 18th Birthday to Ryan hope you have a fab day,poor you meal times most be a nightmare, lovely candy on offer thank you for the chance. luv gina xx

Added a link on my sidebar. xx

Mina said...

oh wow Judith I cant believe i missed this yummy candy...fabulous...I know what you mean about not feeling old enough my daughter is 24...I catch sight of myself in a mirror and wonder who that old woman is lol
I have linked your delicious candy
Mina xxx

Ang said...

Wow Judith what awesome blog candy, and a Huge happy birthday to Ryan, may his day and the coming years bring all that he wishes for.

Kim. said...

Happy Birthday to Ryan and hope you get the diet problem sorted. Although a little late now I have linked your candy on my sidebar and become a followr of your blog.
Kim xXx

Francesca said...

Have put a link on my sidebar , great candy thanks for the chance to win


Marianne said...

Hi Judith, just in time I think. Thanks for the chance to win this fab candy. I also have candy, in case you want to restock. Marianne x

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