Thursday, 27 May 2010

Looking forward to next week

Well, it's been a while again. Life will settle down soon, which will be nice for a change. I'm giving one of my jobs up, which I haven't been that happy doing. Also my Hubby and son who have both been dignosed with IBS seem to be settling down now. I just need to finish my current stint as an exam invigilator, and things will slow down a bit.
My blog friends, Elaine Jo, Lesley and I, are all going on a mini Retreat next week. We are hiring two cottages and spending a few days together just crafting and chatting. We don't see each other very often, as we live so far apart, so this will be a lovely treat for us. We have been planning our activities for weeks, and we only have until Tuesday now, and we will be meeting up. We are going to be making Circle Journals, and showing each other tips and tricks, and just having a really good crafting time. Me being the jewellery maker, I'm doing the beading class. Lesley is going to give us some tips for incorporating metal into our crafting and so on.
I've posted my May project on our other blog today here so take a look for the full details if you are interested. It wasn't an easy one this month, although it was meant to be!

Hopefully, we'll be back at the end of next week full of ideas, and lots of pictures. Judith x

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Aquarius said...

Sometimes projects which are meant to be simple do turn out to be more difficult than we think!! I hope you all have a wonderful time together as I'm quite sure you will you lucky people.

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