Monday, 29 March 2010

My Dad and other matters

I am a bad blogger at the best of times, and I appreciate my loyal followers who put up with that, and still take the time to comment on my cards and other bits and pieces. I am posting today, because I don't know when I shall get the chance to post again. I have to go and stay at my Mum and Dad's house which is an Internet-free zone, aaaaargh! Seriously though, some of you know that my Dad is unwell, he has had two bleeds into the brain, and last week, he had a serious fall, banging his head. He was rushed into hospital, and had some blood clots removed from his brain. The fall itself brought the bleeds to the Doctors' attention, or they may have gone unnoticed for goodness knows how long. Dad then unfortunately got the dreaded bug that goes around hospital, and had to go into a side ward, as the ward was closed down. Eight other people got it too. He is making a good recovery now, and I am waiting for his impending discharge from hospital, before going back up to help out for a few days. I was actually staying at their house when he went into hospital, but was out for the day at the Harrogate Show. I live four hours drive away from them, and it is very hard knowing when to be there for them.
I am posting a couple of pictures today of Tent Cards . I made these with my class last week, having seen samples throughout Blogland, and thought that they looked fairly simple. I have not gone overboard with the embellishments, as I wanted to make them as samples for the class to follow. I have used a LOTV stamp in one and an Elusive Images Butterfly in the other.

I am also posting a few sneaky peeks of my Art Doll project which I will be posting in it's entirety tomorrow on our sister blog Craft Stamping Quartet It's an Art Doll with a twist, a bit quirky, but aren't they all? Elaine and Lesley have already posted theirs, they are gorgeous, and Jo will be following me on Thursday, (shh, that's April Fool's Day!) I will also be announcing the project that I have chosen for us to tackle in April.

She is a tall lady,  she stands about 32 cms high on her cotton reel! But as you have read in previous posts, my cotton reels are larger than life anyway. I needed a large cotton reel because of a certain element of the construction, and I can say no more at this point! You will have to wait until tomorrow. Bye for now, Judith x


Hels Sheridan said...

So sorry to hear about your poor Dad and hope that he makes a really speedy recovery hun...loving your cards BTW xx

Craftypagan said...

Absolutely beautiful creations:) I'm so sorry about your dad, we'll miss you while you're away! I'm sorry I haven't stopped by recently but I always read your posts:) Hugs, Rowena

craftimamma said...

I'm getting a bit frustrated now. Not only could I not load that link you sent me, the photos on this post won't load either so it looks like there's a problem at my end although everyone else's are okay. Grr! I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow now and I can't see your cards.

You already know you and your parents are in my thoughts at the moment, sweetie. Take care when you go up North.

Lesley Xx

veronica said...

like Lesley, i can't get the photos to load , which is a shame.
Hope your dad makes a full recovery,it always seems worse when you feel helpless to do anything

Elaine said...


Glad to hear your Dad is making progress.

I was frustrated like Lesley earlier this eveining when none of the pics on any blog would load for me - at last it's resolved and I can see your lovely cards and your intriguing sneeky peeks. I can't wait to see what you've done and that cotton reel looks brilliant.

Elaine xx

Sally H said...

Fabulous cards, and I'm looking forward to seeing your doll. Hope your dad is soon on the mend - don't neglect yourself in the process. When my Mum was ill I didn't eat properly as I was visiting the hospital so often. I ended up getting really run down. Look after yourself, Judith x

craftimamma said...

Yay, they've all loaded for me now and I'm so glad. They're gorgeous. I love the butterfly one best but then you know butterflies are my favourite things.

Oooh, your bits of Art Doll are looking good!

Lesley Xx

veronica said...

loved the bitterfly card when I found it, Blogger sesm to have put 2 into 1 for some reason! at least this time it let me see the pix - your peeks look interesting, will have to check later

lisa said...

Hi Judith.
So sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope things improve for him very soon and he's soon home and making a speedy recovery.
Your cards are stunning. I've not seen these before, will have to investigate further. Your butterfly is just beautiful.


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